Join us

Theatre Prometheus is looking for people to join us in creating diverse, women-focused theatre! Each of these positions is a part time (3 - 10 hours/week) volunteer position.


Programming associates

Programming Associates provide support for, and assist with, Theatre Prometheus' productions and other activities. In the process, Programming Associates become acquainted with different facets of the company's operations, with the high potential of promotion into a specialized position.

Production Associate

Work with production team to manage production and administrative teams of up to 30 individuals, ensuring all action items and projects relating to production are on track.

Development ASsociate

Assist in researching, writing, submitting, and tracking grants to support an annual organization budget of $30,000.

Communications Associate

Work with the Communications Director to create and strategize digital content for upcoming programs.

VOlunteer With us!

Theatre Prometheus is always looking for volunteers to help with outreach, events, house management, and production.