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Opening april 26:

14 by josé casas.

At Caos on f

Graphic design by Yannick Godts.

Graphic design by Yannick Godts.

Theatre Prometheus is proud to present this production of 14 by José Casas, directed by Lauren Patton.

14 was inspired by the true-life event in May 2001 in which a smuggler abandoned 30 Mexicans crossing the desert near Yuma, Ariz., resulting in 14 deaths due to dehydration.

While José Casas' 14 is named for the fourteen immigrants who died crossing the US-Mexico border in May 2001, the play does not show their journey or deaths onstage. Instead, this Laramie Project-style piece tells the story of the living in honor of those who can no longer tell their stories.

14 chronicles a series of interviews inspired by real life conversations with people living on and near the border in Arizona. From the white business owner whose store is vandalized as his son is accused of beating two Mexican boys, to the Latino state senator who is accused of being anti-Latino while grappling with the belief that his success means others can be successful, too, to the Reverend placing water stations in the treacherous desert in an effort to save lives despite only ever seeing the ones his efforts could not help.

Amidst an ongoing debate on immigration in the U.S., José Casas' 14 is as relevant now as ever, illuminating what life is like for Latino immigrants near the border, and what comes after a long and dangerous journey across the US/Mexico border.

Theatre Prometheus’ 14 will run from April 26 to May 12, 2019 at Caos on F in Washington, DC.

Tickets are available for purchase online at, or at the door.

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