theatre prometheus


finance director

Working closely with the Managing and Development Directors, Theatre Prometheus’ Financial Director is the lead on most of the organization’s financial logistics.

To apply, please send your resume and a brief note expressing your interest to patrick (at) theatreprometheus (dot) org with the subject line “Finance Director.”

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting the Artistic Director in establishing an independent Theatre Prometheus bank account, and henceforth managing that account and providing information about it (eg balance, upcoming expenses, etc) to other directors as requested.  The Financial Director will also maintain the Theatre’s “Square” account and make necessary transfers from that account to the bank account.

  • Working closely with the Development, Managing, and Production directors to build budgets for the Theatre, including overall yearly/season budgets and budgets for specific productions and special projects. The Financial Director will also be responsible for tracking these budgets and communicating with other leadership to make sure the organization stays within them. Maintain strong communication lines between show personnel and Production Director and receive updates from the team on spending and reimbursement needs.

  • Acting as the point of contact between the Theatre and its fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, an organization that allows us our tax-exempt status.  Responsibilities will include making requests for transfer of funds from Fractured Atlas to the Theatre, a task which will involve listing itemized tax-deductible expenses for each request that is made, assisting in annual reports, online fundraisers, and other duties related to Fractured Atlas.

  • Working with Fractured Atlas and Theatre leadership to ensure that the Theatre maintains its tax-exempt status, practices within the laws and regulations of that status, and files taxes accordingly.  This will include taking the lead on yearly tax filing and any tax returns.

  • Compiling, logging, and filing all receipts necessary for the Theatre to maintain its tax-exempt status through Fractured Atlas.  Transactions we must log will include payments to actors, invoices from rental spaces, props and equipment purchased, etc.

  • Reimburse and release payments for shows and other production needs. Ensure each payment is tracked using reimbursement forms, invoices/receipts, and properly accounted for in season budgets.

  • Assist the Development team in fundraising efforts by setting goals, providing insight to the budget, and keeping the rest of the team within budget lines.

Please note that we are not currently able to provide payment for this position. We use our limited funds to pay artists and tech crew, and none of the administrative team takes any compensation. We are eager to work with you to grow our budget to the point that we can change this!

When applying, please keep in mind our mission: to promote diverse, woman-focused theatre both by and for the communities we live in. On that note, we are actively looking for LGBTQ women or non-binary people of color, but all are welcome and encouraged to apply!