theatre prometheus


assistant to the artistic DIRECTOR

The Assistant to the Artistic Director works in tandem with the Artistic Director in an organizational and occasionally artistic capacity.

To apply, please send your resume and a brief note expressing your interest to patrick (at) theatreprometheus (dot) org with the subject line “Assistant to the Artistic Director.”

Responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Drafting emails

  • Reading plays for season-planning purposes

  • Discussing potential plays, along with logistical concerns, with Artistic Director to aid in season planning

  • Attend weekly all-team meetings

  • Other tasks as needed -- we are a small, highly collaborative organization, and everyone pitches in to help other departments when necessary. This also means that if there is a special project you are interested in, you can be part of the team that makes it happen!


  • Enthusiasm for theatre

  • Passion for diverse, women-focused theatre

Please note that we are not currently able to provide payment for this position. We use our limited funds to pay artists and tech crew, and none of the administrative team takes any compensation. We are eager to work with you to grow our budget to the point that we can change this!

When applying, please keep in mind our mission: to promote diverse, woman-focused theatre both by and for the communities we live in. On that note, we are actively looking for LGBTQ women or non-binary people of color, but all are welcome and encouraged to apply!